You may have never heard of Jocelyn Wildenstein, but you can certainly know her face if you see her. Catwoman is her well-known moniker. Jocelyn and Alec Wildenstein divorced in the 1990s, and she refused to speak to the public for a time. She has, however, just returned to the public eye.

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Jocelynys Dayannys da Silva Bezerra Périsset, her actual name, was born in 1945 into a lower-middle-class family. Jocelyn stated that she would be successful if she had a relationship with strong men who would back her up.

That’s why, at 17, she was in a relationship with film producer Cyril Piguet. Jocelyn relocated to Paris after two years and began to live an increasingly luxurious life. Sergio Gabbi later established a new relationship. Jocelyn was overjoyed with her unique way of life.

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Jocelyn tended to excel in everything she attempted, which led to her becoming an excellent hunter and pilot. She also enjoyed visiting Africa and meeting people because she was interested in their way of life. She met her future husband, Alec Nathan Wildenstein, a wealthy American art dealer, in Africa. Jocelyn stated that the first year of their relationship was full of adventures, including a trip to Las Vegas.

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Alec’s father opposed the couple’s marriage, yet it lasted more than 13 years, during which time the couple had and raised two excellent children, Diane and Alec Jr.

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Jocelyn grew interested in cosmetic surgery, and she and Alec had their first procedures in 1979. Alec received a facelift, while Jocelyn had surgery to make her eyes look like cat eyes. She eventually spent millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery.

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Jocelyn’s new nicknames were “Catwoman” and “The Lion Queen,” and she even had a pet lynx.

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Although Alec was pleased with the cosmetic surgery, he discovered after a while that his wife was exaggerating. He claimed that he tried to explain that she couldn’t change her look like a piece of furniture, but she didn’t listen.

Alec cheated on Jocelyn, and the couple separated in 1997. The divorce was brutal and lasted more than two years. The divorce was harrowing for their two mother’s side children.

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Jocelyn earned $ 2.5 billion in a record settlement and $100,000 per year for the next 13 years, but she was barred from using the money for cosmetic surgery. Alec received a $ 10 billion inheritance from his father. Jocelyn began a relationship with Lloyd Klein, a French designer, once the divorce was finalised, and she began to appear less and less in public. They got engaged in August 2017.

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In a 2018 interview, the two discussed Jocelyn’s looks, saying that she has always looked like that and that her appearance is not the consequence of cosmetic surgery. Despite spending an estimated $ 7 million on cosmetic surgery, Jocelyn claims to look the same as she did before the procedure.

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Jocelyn has reached the age of 80. From a financial standpoint, she had more issues because she was sued for credit card charges.

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Her most recent public appearance was in Miami in 2019 with Lloyd Klein, but we may see more of Jocelyn in the future. There are also rumours that a documentary on her life is being planned.

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