People who would do anything to achieve their ideal appearance have been the subject of numerous articles on our site.

Sahar Tabar from Teheran has gone above and beyond.

After posting some self-portraits on Instagram in 2017, the Iranian user, Sahar Tabar, amassed enormous online fame and created quite a stir.

The photos Shahar shared were radically different from anything you typically see online, and many shocked people.


To achieve the look she wants, she reportedly underwent over 50 plastic surgeries, 90 pounds were lost, and more, according to Turkish media.

Sahar informed everyone of her progress as more than 400,000 people quickly began following her transformation on Instagram.

Sahar Tabar had only one goal when she underwent the transformation that made her famous worldwide: to resemble Angelina Jolie.

However, Sahar, whose real name is Fatemah Khishvand, asserts that this was never her intention. The Angelina rumour was untrue, and she had no desire to resemble the famous Hollywood actress. Others believed Sahar reminded them of Emily the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton’s stop-motion film Corpse Bride.

“I had no desire to resemble Angelina Jolie in any way, and I did not want to appear to be the “Corpse Bride” character. I know there are some similarities between them and me, but I am my muse, and I deliberately avoided trying to resemble anyone. In 2017, Sahar told Sputnik News, “That was not my intention.

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Sahar also claimed that she loved to experiment with makeup and photo editing and that her photographs were works of art. She has had liposuction, rhinoplasty, and botox operations for the lips over the years.

Most nose surgeries are performed in Iran, which has a booming plastic surgery market. It has long been a favourite among young Iranians, and for Sahar, who always wanted to be famous, turning to cosmetic surgery was a simple way to get attention. Sahar persevered in gaining Instagram fame despite her mother’s disapproval.

“I don’t see any negative aspects to this. It’s easy, and lots of people all over the world do it. According to Sahar, ten million Iranian rials ($283) is the price of one procedure here in Tehran.

Her fan base only grew as she continued to post extreme pictures. After some of the most prestigious newspapers in the world finally published her story, Sahar gained enormous fame in her native country.

“When I show up in the city, people behave normally. They call my name, acknowledge me, talk to me, and give me hugs. They are my supporters, and I experience no negativity from them,” she claimed in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, some felt Sahar had gone too far in altering her appearance. Before all the surgeries, many people thought she looked much better.

The approval of my family and God is what matters most to me. I already have those, so I’m good. Sahar said I ignore the opposing viewpoints of the rest of the world.

But Sahar and her newfound fame didn’t please the Iranian government or lawmakers.

She was detained and put on trial in October 2019. She was charged with “corruption” and “blasphemy,” and her Instagram account was taken down. She was given a 10-year prison sentence in December 2020.

Then, Masih Alinejad, an Iranian activist for human rights, pleaded for assistance.

Sahar Tabar is just a teenager. Her joke got her arrested.

“Her mother sobs daily, pleading for the release of her helpless daughter. We require your input, Angelina Jolie. Please aid us. “.

When that happened, it was unexpected. Sahar was freed from prison after just 14 months. Due to widespread protests from Mahsa Amini’s passing, Iran is going through a difficult time. The regime may have felt pressured by this to release Sahar sooner. Sahar claimed that the judge approved changing the arrest order to a bail one.

After being released from jail, Sahar appeared on TV and displayed her true face. She acknowledged that she had undergone many cosmetic procedures. Still, she also admitted that Photoshop editing and make-up were a big part of the infamous photos that made her famous.

Although Sahar’s official Instagram account, @sahartabar_official, is still inactive, she continues posting old and new photos on other social media platforms.

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I don’t tend to judge other people. People are free to adopt any identity, including their physical appearance.

I hope Sahar is out of trouble now because there is much more to the story in her case than just a few eyebrow-raising photos.