According to her claims, her £10,000 bottom implants allegedly burst last year, leaking harmful silicone into her body.

Alicia Douvall, 37, claimed that she still needs to do so despite being given an additional six months to have them taken out.

The former beauty model claimed in an interview with Closer that she could no longer sit for 20 minutes without feeling “fearful they would kill her. “.

Her surgeon reported that her buttock implants had wholly ruptured last year. “They can explode? I had no idea. “.

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“I feel pain all the time. I know that they have to be taken off, but I’m afraid I’ll look weird with my skin drooping. “.

She stated that she needed the implants removed in six months or to risk losing her life in December 2015.

Although Alicia admitted at the beginning of the year that her implants were ruining her sex life, she wasn’t sure if she would have them removed.

While acknowledging that men think the implants are for “their enjoyment,” the actress claims that the implants prevent her from doing “certain things” in the bedroom. ”.

She recently admitted to The Sun that her implants prevented her from performing particular sex acts.

“I worry about my implants when I’m having sex. My sex life has been affected, and things have changed as a result. “.

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While she cautions them to “see but don’t touch,” men believe the implants are there for their amusement. “.

The delicate silicone implants for Alicia’s bum reportedly broke down and leaked into her body, giving her a “saggy bum.”

Football player John Terry, Diddy, Mickey Rourke, Lee Ryan of Blue, Calum Best, and Dennis Rodman, who disputes the allegations, are among the men Alicia is said to have had sex with.

In 2001, Alicia claims she had “romps” with Simon Cowell “11 times a day.”.

Despite previously declaring that she had given up on cosmetic surgery for good, Alicia recently said that she was unsure whether to have her leaking bum implants removed.

The TV star was rebuked sarcastically for ignoring the grave risk to her health after appearing on Loose Women.

Alicia, who acknowledges suffering from body dysmorphia, worries about how losing them might affect her appearance.

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“I never want to have surgery again, but because I’ve had so many, the doctors found that my implants are leaking, showing that there are problems. I have to choose between having them removed and having silicone in my body. “.

The co-host Gloria Hunniford intervened after the panel’s perplexed response, asking the mother of two, “You’ve got children; surely it’s a no-brainer?”.

Alicia said, “It’s not nearly as black and white as that.”. She said if I had them removed, “I’d have saggy excess skin.”. “I don’t feel good about the way I look. “.

Gloria exclaimed, “You’d be alive.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, who appeared on the show with Georgia, her oldest child, said she was proud of her mother for refusing surgery despite her apparent unwillingness to put her health ahead of her appearance.

It’s a life-threatening situation, so I want them taken out, she said. She was successful in getting over it and hasn’t used any since. She’s made a lot of progress, but I’ve warned her not to do it again because it’s terrible for everyone else. “.

When Alicia went to rehab twice for her addiction to surgery, she claims she was treated “like any other junkie.”.

On the other hand, Georgia reported that following the birth of her youngest child, Papaya, in 2012, her mother’s health improved.

Alicia concluded, “I would never advocate surgery because I have witnessed it fails.

The TV personality told the panel that her desire to be “exactly like Barbie” as a child was the catalyst for her addiction to surgery when asked about it.

It’s not really about Barbie, one panellist, Jane Moore, said bluntly. The person dislikes what they see in the mirror you. “.