On Newsmax recently, American actor Mickey Rourke spoke about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. During their conversation, the Angel Heart actor praised the Ukrainian people’s perseverance in the face of hardship. And he said:

“Ukraine is fighting more valiantly than anyone anticipated… Everyone, in my opinion, honestly felt it would be over in two to five days. However, whatever occurred did so. But right now, the Ukrainians are fighting so hard that they won’t give up. “.

The actor advised maintaining faith in tumultuous circumstances and praised the Ukrainian resistance spirit. “,” he said.

“Even if there are only two Ukrainians left, they will fight to the bitter end. I want them to be formidable adversaries. When the time comes, only something from above, not from below, will be able to put an end to this madness. “.

The interview was widely shared on social media. Still, some users observed that he needed to be more recognisable in the clip instead of focusing on Mickey Rourke’s remarks about Russia and Ukraine.

One of Hollywood’s most recognisable actors was Mickey Rourke. Before making his breakthrough in a significant motion picture with 1981’s Body Heat, he appeared as a supporting actor in Steven Spielberg’s 1941.

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With roles in movies like Diner, Rumble Fish, 912 Weeks, Barfly, Angel Heart, Year of the Dragon, Homeboy, and Wild Orchid, the 69-year-old actor became increasingly well-known.

The actor left behind a largely successful theatrical career in the early 1990s and switched from acting to professional boxing. Before breaking into the entertainment industry, Rourke started boxing at 12, having a brief amateur career.

Between 1964 and 1973, Rourke played in 27 victories, including 12 straight knockouts and three defeats. He had great success as a professional boxer when he returned to the ring in the 1990s. He remained undefeated in his eight fights, which he won six times—four by knockout and two by draws.

Sadly, he had terrible facial injuries throughout his boxing career. According to reports, Rourke suffered injuries to his toe, rib, and two broken noses. He also had a split tongue, a compressed cheekbone, and even momentary, short-term memory loss.

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To treat his boxing-related injuries, Rourke also had reconstructive surgery. The actor had surgery multiple times as a result of a number of those procedures failing to yield the desired results.

Comparing Rourke’s appearance to when he first entered the industry, his facial features were unrecognisable. In a 2009 interview, the actor from The Wrestler admitted his wounds.

My nose was broken twice. I underwent five surgeries on my nose and one for a broken cheekbone. “.

He also talked about the effects of his reconstructive surgery and how it changed his appearance. “I went to the wrong person to put my face back together,” he admitted, noting that most of the work was done to fix the harm boxing had done to his face. ”.

Following his most recent interview with Newsmax, Mickey Rourke’s appearance has become more well-liked. Following the consultation, several people tweeted about how intrigued they were by his new appearance.

After he retired from boxing, Mickey Rourke returned to acting, making appearances in movies like The Rainmaker, Buffalo ’66, Get Carter, Sin City, Iron Man 2, Immortals, and The Expendables.

In 2020, he participated in The Masked Singer’s fourth season as a contestant, but he left the program soon after Ben E. King’s performance of “Gremlin.”. King’s Stand By Me.