For many kids, going to school alone can be unpleasant, especially as they adjust to this new phase of their lives. Axel Johnson, however, appeared thrilled as he got ready to start school.

He was grinning in the photograph his mother Amy took of him while he was standing in line for the school bus. This might imply that he is anticipating the new experiences he will have at school and may not mind being away from his parents.

Despite the fact that he was excited to go on his first trip, Axel was apprehensive. He struggled to leave his mother. Although he was quite sensitive, he thought he would be tough.

This little boy was anxious to go to school

Axel’s face quickly changed from eager and happy to go to school to sad. The bus driver, Isabel Lane, was quick to notice this, but she was determined to persuade him that riding the bus and going to school with kids his own age were not in any way dangerous.

He sat in the chair behind Isabel and extended his hand to Axel, who graciously accepted it. This exceptional occasion was caught on camera by Amy.

This little boy was anxious to go to school

Axel appeared uncertain about taking the bus to school. After being persuaded and given assurances that everything would be okay by bus driver Isabel Lane, he seemed to change his mind. Amy did a great job of capturing it.

Isabel demonstrated her compassion for the children’s welfare, demonstrating that she was more than just a driver. Axel’s mother wanted him to know he could always rely on her, even if she wasn’t on the bus with him.

Amy shared the picture of her son and the bus driver on Facebook because she found it to be so intriguing.

This little boy was anxious to go to school

She anticipated that people would find it useful, but she had no idea that it would get such positive reviews. She was so positive, the terrified child began to calm down.

On social media, a lot of people praised Isabel’s picture with her son. She was astonished by the number of positive comments that the image received. Isabel is delighted that she was able to capture a priceless moment with her son.

Axel’s tale comes to a satisfying end. He was aware that Isabel was a friend of his. Because of this, he wasn’t scared the next day. He grinned, eager to embark on his new adventure.

This little boy was anxious to go to school

Especially because of Isabel, Axel eagerly anticipates each new school day. You can see the entire story in the video down below.

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