The Salyers twins live in Virginia with their sons, whom they are raising together, and are in a “quaternary marriage.”

When identical twins Brittany and Briana Salyers grew up in Delaware, Easter meant going to a cousin’s house in rural Virginia for a big family get-together with many cousins from their mother’s side.

They last went in 2016, preceding the gathering of indistinguishable twin siblings, Josh and Jeremy, presently 39, during the 2017 Twins Day Celebration in Twinsburg, Ohio, where they later wedded in a joint function.

Jett was born to Brittany and Josh, who announced their pregnancy in January 2021, and Jax was born to Briana and Jeremy about four months later.

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This time, Briana and Brittany are returning with their families.

The Salyerses, who live in Smith Mountain Manor, a sprawling country estate in central Virginia, have packed their Volkswagen bus and will travel three hours to a ranch outside of Richmond to spend time with 60 relatives at the Sunday morning celebration.

“I’m so eager to acquaint Jeremy and Josh with this side of the family for a vacation,” Briana, 37, says, “and have them be a piece of the Easter practice.”

Hidden little goody chases and a visit from the Easter rabbit are essential for the customer. Jett and Jax have been practising egg hunts in the manor house library to prepare for the latter.

Briana said, “Our parents are excited but a little apprehensive,” and “the babies are very excited about the trip.” Even though she is worried about how the children will passage in their vehicle seats for such a long excursion, she trusts the VW’s scaled-down television (and rests) will help.

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The boys are cousins, but they are more genetically related to siblings. Because their parents were identical twins who married similar twins (a rare occurrence known as a “quaternary marriage,” the boys are considered quaternary twins.

Jett and Jax, like their parents, often dress the same way. They will wear pink, khaki shorts, blue short-sleeve shirts, and blue vests that match Easter.

“We do everything all together. Briana once stated, “We are inseparable.” It’s almost like living in a magical world.”

Jeremy and Josh’s manor residence, which also serves as a wedding venue, is expected to become busier with weekly weddings as the season begins following their Easter break. Because they can work from home, attorneys Brianna and Brittany can now spend more time with the boys.

Josh and Jeremy have established a central vegetable nursery and an assortment of organic product tree plantations of apples, peaches, pears, kiwis, and blueberries. The family will be eating from them before long.

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Jeremy elaborates, “We’re hoping to replace our entire diet with homegrown foods and fruits.”

As a tribute to Briana and Brittany’s earliest circus experiences, they recently took the boys to a local circus that featured a variety of non-homegrown goods like popcorn and cotton candy.

They constantly discuss it. “Can we watch the jug,” they ask. Brittany elaborates. Under their improvised circus “tent,” the boys, who share a bedroom, believe there is a circus.