Since a year and a half ago, Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty has struggled with a number of medical issues and is currently undergoing lung surgery. Despite his odds, the 74-year-old is surprisingly optimistic and hopes to soon be able to perform his distinctive vocal stylings for everyone.

Smoking is believed to have contributed to Si’s COPD and deteriorating respiratory health, a condition that made his early 2021 COVID-19 diagnosis particularly concerning. He said he was completely overcome with terror and thought he wouldn’t survive the infection in an episode of his podcast “Duck Call Room.”.

His co-hosts made the observation that things might have gone differently if he had exercised more caution, such as remaining at home, visiting the hospital sooner, or taking his prescribed medications.

Uncle Si Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” needs our thoughts and prayers

Si already stated that he would like to have lung surgery by May 2022 despite this setback. Uncle Si continues to be motivated to live life to the fullest despite his severe physical limitations—something we can all learn from!

The host of the Duck Call Room podcast, Si, recently revealed that he has been given a lung disease diagnosis and will have surgery. Si can still breathe in and out, but one of his lungs does not work properly when exhaling, leaving him with an air deficit. In order to solve this issue and restore his ability to breathe normally, an implant device will be needed.

Si recently provided an email update on his journey, noting that the operation has been approved and that preparations have begun. He promised 95 percent or higher accuracy for each story he recounts and promised to be able to provide listeners with even more stories and knowledge once the procedure is finished. Si also expressed enthusiasm for properly imparting the fascinating things he has learned from his studies and life experiences.

Uncle Si Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” needs our thoughts and prayers

The upcoming surgery is anticipated to be successful, provided no unanticipated problems arise during or after the procedure. Si will need some time to heal, but after that, he should be able to go about his daily activities without any breathing problems and continue sharing his stories with podcast listeners all over the world.

Uncle Si Robertson is well known for his affable and humorous personality. He also endured side effects from his therapies like fatigue, dehydration, and high blood pressure. Uncle Si, in spite of this, remained upbeat and even started a “Si Strong” campaign where others could share their tales of perseverance.

In January 2021, it was determined that Uncle Si was cancer-free after a protracted and difficult battle. Since then, he has fully recovered and is enjoying his newfound independence with his family.

For instance, Uncle Si displayed bravery throughout his health battle. We hope his recovery goes well!