The tragic passing of Lisa Marie Presley on January 12th has provided insight into both her final moments and what transpired after. According to TMZ, her twin daughters Finley and Harper have opted to stay with their grandmother Priscilla Presley rather than go back to the house where their mother suffered a heart attack.

The Father of the twins Michael Lockwood is adamant about putting his daughters’ welfare first. The twins are present in Granny Presley’s Los Angeles home with Riley Keough, the singer’s 33-year-old oldest daughter, as they get ready for Lisa Marie’s departure.

In a January 16th interview, Riley Keough’s agent provided additional information regarding Lisa Marie’s funeral arrangements. A public memorial service for family and friends was held outside the estate on January 22nd; she will be buried at Graceland alongside her father and her late son, Benjamin Keough. All of her loved ones were able to celebrate her legacy and say their final goodbyes in the most respectful manner during this small gathering.

Unfortunately, her son Benjamin’s grave site has been moved.

On January 7th, grief counselors David Kessler and Lisa Marie Presley paid their final respects at Elvis and Benjamin Presley’s graves at Graceland. David recalled how Lisa had meticulously detailed the location of her resting place in an Instagram post. She said, “No, I still have a lot to do,” when asked if it would be soon. ‘.

Before Lisa could join Benjamin Keough in the cemetery located behind Graceland, however, there needed to be a change. The available space needed to be rearranged, a source told Page Six, so that both could find a final resting place together.

Benjamin’s burial had to be slightly repositioned to make room as a result. Even though it is difficult for everyone involved, this is seen as a touching act between a mother and son, giving them the same kind of eternal companionship in death as they had in life.

According to Lisa Marie Presley’s spokesperson, she is interred in Graceland’s Meditation Garden next to her son Benjamin and across from Elvis’s final resting place. This occurred prior to her scheduled funeral on January 22nd. Six headstones were erected as part of this memorial service, and they are positioned around the elliptical backyard fountain.

Unfortunately, her son Benjamin’s grave site has been moved.

In lieu of sending flowers, sympathizers were requested to donate money in Lisa Marie’s honor to The Elvis Presley Charitable Fund. She became the sole heir to the estate upon the passing of Elvis’ parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley, and made sure that her daughters would inherit it after her death.

Along with the rest of Elvis Presley’s family, his grandmother Minnie Mae is interred in the Meditation Garden.