The connection between a mother and her youngster is solid. A mother will habitually forego her requirements to accommodate her children.

Love from a mother is the same whether she is a human, a dog, a cat, or any other animal.

The same kind of woman had been feeding Dongsuk, a stray cat, for a long time. She was just one of the many cats the kind woman cared for. Dongsuk, be that as it may, suddenly quit eating.

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Dongsuk’s odd behavior eventually came to the attention of the woman. She will accept only food that is packaged in plastic. Otherwise, regardless of her hunger, she would remain there while the other cats ate.

Therefore, the woman began preparing a food bag for Dongsuk each day. Dongsuk would tenderly place the sack in her mouth in the wake of getting it and afterward escape.

One day, the woman started to wonder what she was doing with the meals she was given and decided to join Dongsuk.

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Dongsuk wasn’t taking any of the food for herself, she realized. She was giving it to her kitten.

Dongsuk had given birth to five kittens just a few weeks earlier, but only one survived.

With a similar orange and white fur as her mom, the survivor looked like her precisely.

Dongsuk allowed the child to eat until she was full after carefully opening the bag. Then Dongsuk would eat.

Because of Dongsuk’s maternal love, she felt compelled to assist them.

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Watch the video above to learn what happened to Dongsuk and her kitten:

Seeing individuals give their whole resides to focusing on destitute creatures is commendable.