Lavell Crawford, one of the best comedians, has gained attention due to his recent attempt to lose weight. This very successful American actor and comedian became well-known worldwide because of his performances in the Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad spin-offs.

Lavell Crawford’s attempt to lose weight sprang from his concern about obesity-related issues. He’s struggled with weight management for years, but he’s finally found a diet and exercise regimen that works for him.

Lavell Crawford became aware that he was taller than his friends and was frequently bullied. Weight-related comments would irritate him.

He eventually understood that he wasn’t the only child in the area who had been bullied about his weight, and he came to cherish his physical attributes.


Crawford has struggled with the repercussions of his weight his entire life. He was in dire danger of dying due to his stature. Crawford has experimented with several diets throughout his life.

However, none of his prior efforts had the potential to significantly change his life or have as much promise as his most recent try.

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Lavell Crawford mentioned in an interview that his sister’s weight loss success inspired him to start eating healthier.

He resolved to get in shape because of several factors, including his desire to live and his love for his beautiful wife and child.

Lavell Crawford started his weight loss adventure weighing 475 pounds. This illustration displays the comedian’s obesity and the quantity of exercise required to burn 3035 calories.

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The actor was excited to start his weight loss journey since he was determined to end this.

He chose gastric sleeve surgery since he had always struggled with his weight. He lost a few pounds as a result of his diet.


He admits to having the gastric sleeve procedure in a March 2016 interview with DJ Vlad. During the process, he said that half of his stomach was removed.

For those unaware, the gastric sleeve procedure restricts the stomach’s capacity. As a result, the individual will eat fewer calories.

Crawford has also joined a gym and regularly works out there. He runs frequently and lifts weights. It is challenging but not impossible.

“Gym is certainly a hard place for someone like me, but now I have convinced myself that there is no going back,” he stated in response to a query about his gym.

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Crawford has, however, achieved his goal. He’s back on the same diet and workout routine he started after his surgery.

“It’s taken me my entire life to get here,” Crawford once stated. I’m still working on it, so I’m not finished. “I have no intention of giving up my healthy lifestyle.”

That is, of course, a wise choice. Crawford has become more funny since the beginning. Despite having surgery, he altered his lifestyle to become an active and enthusiastic man.

He planned his meals meticulously and avoided desserts. He shed 75 pounds in three months. He was resolved to continue dropping weight to live a long and healthy life.

He made this choice for the sake of his family, especially his child. For around three months, he also followed a sugar-free diet.