Carla Bruni, the former first lady of France, recently discussed her body image and relationship with “beauty,” claiming that she makes “endless attempts” to “keep slender.”

In an interview with the French magazine Madame Figaro, published last week, Bruni was candid about her appearance and self-image.

The 54-year-old revealed in an interview transcript that she has “no special relationship with beauty, neither mine nor that of others.”

While “sublime beauty” fascinates her, she favors “grace and charm.”

The model then reflected on her attractiveness and the “endless efforts” she expends to keep her appearance up.


“Perhaps I have a silhouette and a style,” she added, “but I make various attempts to stay thin: two hours of exercise a day, the bar, the elliptical, a little Pilates.”

Bruni, who just walked the runway for Balmain and modeled for YSL’s spring/summer campaign, remarked that she felt “destabilized” and “too old” when she walked the runway for the high-end brand a year ago. Bruni’s comeback to modeling has increased her self-awareness.

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“I believe it’s not of my age anymore,” the diva remarked before adding that she found it “bizarre” that, despite being the “youngest” in her family, she was old enough to be the mother of the other models.

She did, however, declare that because of her relationships with other models, sewists, hairdressers, makeup artists, and photographers, the fashion industry would always be her family.

Bruni expressed her admiration for the next generation of models in a Vogue interview in 2020. She called the chance to engage with the younger generation “wonderful.”

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“Although fashion isn’t very nostalgic, the younger generation occasionally draws inspiration from us. It’s enjoyable since it lends significance to your task.

Modeling is an odd job that is short-lived and strongly dependent on youth. As a result, it’s incredible when your art can contribute to the story we’re all telling,” she says.

Bruni also talked about how she battled with her appearance as a teenager and how, before puberty, she was tall and skinny and “felt invisible.”

Bruni observed that her relationship with her appearance changed during adolescence, and she became aware of how others regarded her when she went to the beach. The model claims that the event taught her the “joy of seduction.”