Nina Sparano, a rare medical condition known as Pierre Robin Syndrome, was born to parents Daniel and Marija.

This condition is characterized by a tongue that is positioned further back in the mouth, an undersized lower jaw, and a cleft palate. x.

After being born at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York City, Nina needed numerous operations and extensive therapies to improve her quality of life.

Dr. While they were both born to the same mother, Dennis Davidson, the head of the Baby and Toddler Unit at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, found that while they shared the same mother, Nina was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome and Emma was not.

In spite of their differences, both girls are growing up and forging close relationships with one another.

For the First Time, a Girl Meets Her 11-Month-Old Identical Twin Sister Born with a Rare Condition: ‘Extremely Emotional.’

On Monday, Blythedale Children’s Hospital patient Nina Sparano saw her twin sister Emma for the first time. Daniel and Marija, who were then 37 and 36 respectively, had been anticipating this difficult reunion for a while.

Marija, Nina’s mother, held her close as they celebrated this historic occasion, and the father spoke of how it felt “simply so lovely” to see his two children together for the first time. The hospital had been providing Nina with ongoing care.

The uncommon monochorionic diamniotic twins Nina and Emma share a placenta but have individual amniotic sacs. Because Nina’s growth in utero had been problematic, her sac had grown to enclose her face and result in a cleft palate.

Following the successful procedure to separate them, their parents were overcome with emotion as they left the hospital. They were extremely happy that their children would no longer be subject to the suffocating restrictions of an amniotic sac, giving them a better chance at life.

Shortly after her birth, Nina was brought into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Her jaw needed multiple operations, as well as extensive pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Since moving to Blythedale, Nina has reached a number of significant developmental milestones, including quadrupling her 4-pound birth weight. Monday was the first chance Emma had to meet her little sister outside of Blythedale.

The medical staff experienced a happy and emotional moment when Nina and Emma were reunited after not seeing each other for a long time since their birth.

Marija says Nina is a brave and strong person who is gradually turning into a lovely butterfly. She declared that she thought her daughter would eventually make the shift, even though it might take some time.