Two of the most sought-after celebrities are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, with the former frequently filming a movie or two. The latter continues his worldwide tour and residency in Las Vegas concurrently.

Despite their busy schedules, they have proven in the past that they can maintain their marriage.

Keith recently talked with Extra about juggling their busy schedules while still finding time for their families and each other.

To get home, we travel a lot, he said. “I’ll play then fly home,” he said. I’m at home, regardless of the time of day—four in the morning. “.

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She’ll act in the same way. We’re fortunate to have that kind of travel opportunity, Keith said before adding in a loving way, “But we chose it because we want to be together”.

He has lived on the Strip before, but in an interview with Extra, he gushed about how this place had a “looser energy” that made him want to stay.

Sunday and Faith, a celebrity couple’s daughters, ages 14 and 12, were able to attend the Oscars in Los Angeles.

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The two appeared happy to attend the celebrity-studded event in dozens of photos together. The night was particularly memorable because, in addition to being a heartwarming reunion, Keith was also there to support Nicole as she accepted the Best Director award that evening.

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They were the ultimate power couple, no doubt about it. They made sure no one would ever forget it by clinging to one another, cuddling, and even sharing a kiss in front of the photographers. They quickly experienced a social media boom for many of their photos.